MSN 与 Skype 合并 后,Status display is Offline

skypeMSN account rose to Skype use,Most people will simply making contact occurred offline,You'll always be offline or friends,This situation is because Microsoft server on your status in mind "appear offline",至于 为什么 会 发生,Is still unknown。


Not difficult to solve,Go first to one computer to install MSN,Log in to your MSN account,Then invite your friends just send a message to you,At this point will be a message on the dialog window:

Since you appear offline,Can not use some features。  This person is displayed online|For all online?

Just select "Show all online,To fix online status abnormality。


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    請問,但是現在msn都無法登入了,那又該怎麼處理呢?? Xie Xie!

    你是指透過MSN軟體無法登入嗎?如果真的不習慣Skype介面,目前好像還可以透過第三方軟體登入MSN,如Pidgin或pure MSN等

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