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Prior to MSN Spaces (now Windows Live Spaces) were revised,I was over there were slight changes in the scenery used in Blog,Although little change,But do not feel a whole。The main text color and background color matching parts,To read the previously selected theme comfort,Text color is gray bias,Looks softer、Comfortably,And now been changed to black,The whole feeling becomes very stiff。Also part of the module but can not find the option appears to remove (just look at this problem has been fixed)。The most serious problem is that browsing speed,Each point of a link will have to wait more than ten seconds,I think some outrageous。Tested,Found that even with the Firefox browser faster than their own IE….People off ah! What is the case ah?

Webs-tv here feeling quite good,Infinite space of the gallery space has,Not only support to 1024 pixels,Also available for external links。After the hard disk data twice destroyed lesson,Now really implement a variety of backup systems,So before going to get the photo fertility row pass up to be a backup。Now the focus has moved to the side,The future does not rule out the MSN Spaces information all move over there。

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    快移過來快移過來 XD

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