[Notes] Sonicwall GAV / IPS and Capture ATP difference

In a recent assessment Sonicwall firewall and IPS subscription service ATP,But the budget can only choose one in two,A first started asking manufacturers recommendations,Because Taiwan can not subscribe to the manufacturer's instructions Capture ATP alone,He therefore suggested IPS subscription service。

Personal originally more inclined ATP function,Because hope by cloud sandbox(sandbox)Function for the first time to stop blackmail unknown virus attacks,So very worried spent the money did not achieve what I want。Sonicwall just received a report for the new virus extortion Bad Rabbit published today,The article mentions Bad Rabbit program for,Three engines they cloud the first time in the sandbox already fully successful detection,End of the article and referred,They have also released a signature for this virus,So have a subscription GAV(Gateway Antivirus)/IPS users,Success can also intercept。

After reading a lot of worry,While not as I expected GAV blocking unknown malware for the first time,But seems to confirm the sandbox,To immediately release GAV signature database,So effective is still there。


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