Open IE 啟,CPU usage 100% full load

Recently dealt with a rare problem,After IE 啟 當開,iexplorer.exe的使用率就直接飆上100%,Were tried in several ways:

  • Close all the add-ons
  • IE 設值 original deposit a reducing
  • Clear all cookies and temporary files
  • Turn off your antivirus software
  • 移除 IE8,Fall back to IE7
  • Only open a blank page
  • Schematic entry safety

The above ways are invalid,Then log in as an administrator,Only after delivery 份登 換個,此 發生 problem again parallel 沒有,UserProfile begin immediately went。

  首先產生一個新的UserProfile,Proceed according Eye rumored ordinal copy came 將原 Profile,During continuous Logout Login do the test,檔 problem reaching the final last 於找—UsrClass.dat,This file is located in "C:\Document and SettingIDLocal SettingApplication DataMicrosoftWindow"。On the web for this information when not many,Found only a very general description of the user profile,But I will change the file name,Yes no responsibility what setting 值跑 掉 發現 parallel,But it solves the problem of full IE loading。

Yes 很多 species cause CPU utilization mounting Mitsuru reclamation open IE 啟,Tried several methods of the above do not resolve the,It touches can try to start UsrClass.dat。

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