Excel opens a road 檔異 always slow 啟網

office security update for another hair,值星 這回 team arrives excel wheel (2003),檔時 徑的 excel unc path 份 啟部 當開,The screen will stay in the open the process up to more than half a minute,If crash,Although strictly speaking,Can not be regarded as the update file,anyway .. has encountered a problem is always resolved,Resolution method of 這次,Also problematic is the update file to remove。




First, open the console "Add Remove Programs",The "Show Updates" hook up。


To find the KB2541025 the excel updates then office2003 under,Remove。


After removal,The KB2502786 the excel updates after the refresh list,Then remove it。


Remove these two updates,Can be solved on the web open Excel files unusually slow problem。



The KB2596954 will cause this problem,Together need to be removed。


2012.12.4sort out:









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