Open 啟網 street manner word 檔異 always slow

wordPreviously issued an address on excel file open net Fang in particular the problem of slow,The main problem lies in the updates released by Microsoft,Do check for part of the UNC path excel file,Consuming a great deal of time,One minute or more bell 這個 time Yes more than exceeded,Solution by removing updates,Or install Microsoft later released fixes for。


Recently,Ryo word arrives at wheel,A while back, my colleagues in the reaction part of the Word file open very slow,Been tested,Situation now seems to excel,Nursing direct remembered Shi destination dividing phase shift Seki update 檔看,But this time invalid,Interim settlement method Shi 另存 formed xlsx,That will improve。


The Internet to find a lot of articles,Did not find the solution,However, in dealing with a problem of a,An inspiration,試著把"Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In"給移除,這下 end at resolution completion 這個 惱人 issues,After then together with the the WSUS's Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In to cancel the installation,Lest others encounter。



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