Outlook 主旨亂碼

  Outlook主旨亂碼,會遇 always reach a previously printed books 應該 XP currently crawling problem,In particular, the majority of enterprises correspondence with the mainland,So the letter-coded problem often occurs。Actually,View the message,Can choose the encoding in the "View" place,However, in the Inbox list,Only the default view big5,This is also the main cause of garbled。


The 2003 edition,Schematically 儲存 unicode breaks than adult material 檔即 設信 of deposit,This would not only solve the garbage problem,Pst file is more a problem and also solve the 2G limit。But,Kind of situation is the 2003 edition are still a keynote garbled,That the most likely cause is your pst files created by previous versions of XP,So the file is still the old ANSI format,Instead of unicode,Solution is not difficult,Just to spend some time。


  在outlook選擇「檔案」-「新增」-「outlook資料檔」,新增一個「Office Outlook個人資料檔案(.pst)」,After the original e-mail exchange pst file to this new pst file,Determination of the amount of signal coming 就得 length of time nurses 匯入,To be the import is complete,Place in the e-mail account set to receive e-mail to the new profile file,To close the old pst file。



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