Outlook 2003 Akira 示圖 piece lawlessness

  Outlook有時會出現一個情形,Part e-mail sent by a particular person,The picture will not be displayed,A barbecued pork bun appears,But the letter was not any other human hair,In this case can be resolved in two ways。

Method one:
The use of "Help" - "Detect and Repair",Check the "give up the custom settings and restore default",Programs such as their own finish,That a solution。

Hair Act II:

Press the "Start" - "execution",输入 regedit
Find the following path OutlookSecureTempFolder 碼 machine

This key "value" of clear,再啟動outlook即可


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  1. Tract customers over Says |

    Helped me a great favor ~ Thank you

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

  3. Kim Says |

    Under a 請問, So email will disappear? Can save you? `

    Not really understand what you mean?
    As long as the account is built,Select "File" - "open" - open data file ",Open pst files back on it

    Anson Reply |

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