Outlook 2010、2013The second set of LDAP error

microsoft-outlookColleagues have previously purchased Office 2010,LDAP settings in Outlook,The second set of results will be displayed LDAP problem,Looks like the first set of results blur,找 來上 network after,Kuni-gai manned Yayu Guita 這個 problem,But no one knows how to solve。


The company recently bought Office 2013,Tested,Encountered the same problem,Still can not find the Internet to find a way to solve,I thought if it is a problem with the search results,Plus I do not know whether it will improve the filter,Will try to "Search Base" fill,Really solve the problem。


Originally the basis of the past will fill in the appropriate search filter,But clean up after the AD account,In the earlier versions of Outlook,There are no added plus with the same results,So later on not to enter special,Although the company has been integrated into an LDAP,But still bother to test this issue,I hope this problem is also encountered people who can help。


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