Outlook 2013啟動卡在「載入設定檔」中

microsoft-outlook  同事使用Outlook 2013,已經有兩次在啟動時,畫面停留在「載入設定檔」,前一回上網找的方法都沒用,Finally good had refilled the only solution,This time encounter,Once again surf the Internet to see if there are no new insights,Microsoft has finally released a description found,The main crux of the problem is related with the graphics card driver。


  依照微軟說明,When the following three conditions are true,This problem may occur there:

  1. 電腦有兩個顯示晶片,One is the Intel HD 4000,Another wafer of nvidia。
  2. Outlook的使用硬體加速是啟用的(The default that is)。
  3. Outlook 2013 has been updated to SP1。

  所以最快的解決方式是把Outlook的硬體加速功能給關掉, To resolve this issue,。

  微軟的教學是在啟動Outlook時,同時按著CTRL鍵,以進入安全模式去設定,在「檔案」-「選項」-「進階」中可以找到「停用硬體圖形加速」,但實際測試時,在安全模式修改設定後,並不能真正套用,關掉選項視窗後再去進看,The option to disable hardware acceleration will be removed。

  微軟有提到,在這邊停用後,不只是影響Outlook,連同其他Office軟體也跟著停用,也就是說,我們只要在Word或Excel停用,Will be jointly and severally for Outlook。Therefore,接下來只要啟動Word或Excel,同樣在「檔案」-「選項」-「進階」裡找到「停用硬體圖形加速」,It can be checked。Setting Finished,再去啟動Outlook,You can enter the normal。


  另外一個解決方式,就是上網更新nvidia的驅動程式,這也是微軟建議的解決方案,我試過用自動搜尋微軟線上更新沒找到更新的程式,So this part may need to download the nvidia official website。


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