microsoft-outlookOne more thing straight 當掉 same outlook 莫名 heaven before several,Yes 點 exaggerated a high frequency rate,Tried and bagging office、Rebuild a new profile,Later built a new e-mail data files(pst)Useless,Mother-in-law on the last dog network,I realized that IE8 problem with outlook2003。

  在微軟Knowledge Base的KB2422556有提到「當您開啟已安裝的 Windows Internet Explorer 8 的電腦上完整的電子郵件訊息時,outlook 2003 毀 loss ",Translation equipment 譯的 是 這篇,So some syntax ring true to,The causes of:「This problem occurs,是因為 Outlook 2003 在 应用 程式 会 使用 Internet Explorer 8 Mshtml.dll component to parse email messages,An error occurred。If the e-mail message contains many extended markup,Outlook 2003 Will crash。」


Colleagues the situation,Mshtml.dll problems mentioned in the event record,Meet Microsoft this described situation,Therefore try to solve this Hotfix,Hours after the single-stage test measure,The problem does not recur。


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