Outlook express repeatedly send a letter (the letter will not outbox remove)


  Under normal circumstances,Outlook express在寫完郵件按下「傳送」後,E-mail will be stored in the "outbox",Concurrent behavior of parallel transmission Legend,When the message was sent successfully,The message will be moved to "Sent Mail" under。So when the "outbox" or "Sent" abnormal,May result in the above action failure,Making the e-mail, although successfully sent,But still remain in the outbox,And on the action of the next transmission,Once again to send the letter,Trusted client will receive many letters like e-mail,Until you manually remove the message so far。

Solution,Removal of 備份 檔刪 dbx - gap of some contribution of 將寄,oulook express會自動產生新的,To resolve this issue,,If you do not know the location of dbx files,Click on the "Tools" - "Options",Switch to the "Maintenance" tab,Choose "Mail file folder" you can see the path。



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