Outlook outgoing mail,The other received a garbled

Yesterday my colleagues to send a letter to the customer reaction,Most messages are garbled。Get the questionable message,Is a garbled text of the letter,And Sent Sent party is actually a html format,This is the case with previous experience are not the same,In the past when it was sent,Use the RTF format,And the other party is not using Outlook,Will cause damage to contents。

After confirming that the problem is not with SPAM SPAM manufacturers,Began to study set Outlook,In accordance with the manufacturer saying SPAM,This letter may be part of the contents in RTF format,Will cause Outlook to look at it is HTML,Other software to see if he is RTF。Outlook confirmed the "Send mail to RTF format Internet recipient:"Setting has been set to”Converted to HTML format”,For this letter did not help,Later to find solutions in the Microsoft article,By modifying machine code to turn off the function RTF。

  「regedit」-「HKEY_CURRENT_USER」-「Software」-「Microsoft」-「Office」-「15.0(See you on the version of Office)」-「Outlook」-「Preferences」,A new group called Right”DisableTNEF”DWORD value,And value to”1″,After the reboot you can。


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