Parted Magic-磁碟 工具 大补 帖

Recently find disk erasure tool,無意間找到Parted Magic這個工具,Practical after the use of,A reducing true non-alignment tool 帖 little large complement 這套 發現,It contains commonly GParted、CloneZilla other useful disk tools,And use the live CD after boot,They were simply a Simple Windows environment,Firefox、PCMan and other basic tools should be a whole,Wallpaper also monitor system monitoring,Looks quite interesting。


However, because the default program,Boot loader relatively long time,But some of the tools, such as Clonezilla boot menu to start,Do not have to live into the environment after execution。


Set I mainly use the Erase Disk function,Just fine with me,And this,GParted would not particularly burning one out,We can recommend a try。



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