To PDFCreator conversion occurrences of the word out

One hundred one hundred species of PDF 軟體 轉 isolation cost on the street network,檔測 關轉 test phase of pdf 做了 軟體 轉 套免 cost thirteen years ago, several streets 對網 needle 曾經,In the test results at that time,PDFCreator 对于 中文 拥有 较佳 支援 度,Symbols and layout without any problems.,Therefore enter the workplace after,For those who need a solution that is PDFCreator。

A few years down,PDFCreator 确实 显 少 出现 差错,Several conditions are currently experiencing,All is that the print settings before the conversion,The excel turn into a plurality of files, and text and the like is cut。However,In addition to these problems,Occasionally may also turn out the file in the case of the word out,Then you need to solve adjustment PDFCreator。


This problem occurs for unknown reasons,However, after repeated tests,Reach a final resolution methods 於找,We can be set by adjusting the PostScript solve。In PDFCreator advanced options,Drop-down menu to find the file options - PostScript option "TrueType font options,The default value is "auto",Please change & quot; outline font & quot; or "bitmap" to solve this annoying problem。


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