Wine playing SimCity 3000

wineVirtual toys simulated Yancheng 3000 suddenly 這兩 heaven,To dig out the disc of the year to buy,Xing Oki Oki basis 灌進 Vista,Function 灌不 function toys results,Network path 找了 not how little capital nullify,Want to say try to play to see ubuntu。

Was going to say the first wine to try,If not then VirtualBox XP to play,I did not expect to play all goes well with wine! ,The accident,And later on to play directly through wine。Play a few days,Generally lacks,In addition to not be able to input Chinese,And sometimes concerts disappear for no reason,To re-opened the game would be restored,But these are minor problems,Does not affect the fun。

Used to play are playing with the cheat,這次 很單 net basis 從零 start,Feel more fun than cheat,With feelings then play a whole different,What a classic good game。

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