PowerPoint出現”Akira shows lawlessness…File…Some text…”

Last week, my colleagues in the reaction can not open the ppt file,Been tested,The computer will open the ppt file "PowerPoint can not be displayed XXX.ppt" File, some text on the slide images or objects,Occurrence of damage of these items,Slides projection Pian affected slide blank has been substituted。Missing information has been no way to repair。To ensure that the file can be opened using an older version of PowerPoint,請用[Save instructions]([File]Menu),With the same name or a new file name to save the file。"Error message,Good long string of…。



A self test electric 腦測 來在 after,Also occurred in the same condition,Ppt file and then open a few years ago to do,Some ok,Some will also appear an error message,This situation is particularly touches。Searching for a bit,Sure enough, there are other people to launch an attack,And cause of the problem,Actually caused by KB2464588 update released by Microsoft,Accepted a more 參 狀況考 微软 TechNet 的 讨论 串


There are two ways to resolve the,First to Add Remove Programs to remove KB2464588(I remember the "Show Updates" ticked):


Another way to use Microsoft later releasedhotfixTo fix。


Care of non-small problem causing growth problems 這次 來造,Fortunately, the company's use of powerpoint few people,Otherwise, the phone then finish up。



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  1. T Says |

    My first call you…Tensho good problem 碰上 此 這兩

    Do you have call me?

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  2. alex Says |

    Thank you suspect the problem is I have updated but I do not know what I am grateful


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  3. T Says |

    The early bird catches the worm….

    You're drunk!..

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