Screen Capture Tips

If you do not then screen capture software,In fact, Windows support is a simple screen capture function。

  • Full Screen Capture:「Print Screen」鍵。This is the vast majority of people know。
  • The current work window capture:Press "Alt + Print Screen」鍵。This approach may have most people do not know,But it is very easy to use functions which!

For example, my current listening foobar2000,Two ways to capture the screen are as follows:

僅按下Print Screen鍵

Press Alt + Print Screen

Once retrieved, it can be attached to a small painter and stored as image file。Incidentally,If Paint can only be saved as BMP file,Try to clear temporary files page (Temporary Internet Files) and then operate storage。
method:"IE" - "Tools" - "Internet Options" - "Delete Files" - "Delete all offline content" - "OK"

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