Remove the specter of printers on Windows 10

After removing the printer on 10 Windows,Sometimes there would be a strange phenomenon,Printer in the console could not see the printer,However, in a file or print options can actually see,The next cause I do not know which way to remove and clean。After the Internet goo dog,Fortunately, Microsoft has provided tools to assist in the diagnosis,Microsoft said recently that seems to like this way to solve the problem,Like To turn off Windows Update to download specific update also tools to reach。


Will appear when printed in a file


But did not appear in the printer in


1. turn on"Modify Windows 10 The printer connection and printing problems – Windows Help」。

2. Expand the "Executive Print troubleshooter",Download "Print troubleshooter"。

3. Enforcement”Printerdiagnostic10.diagcab”After diagnosis,You can eliminate the problem。


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