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word  在Word中,If using a table,Below the table is always a line of blank columns,Usually does not affect,However, if the table is located in the bottom of the page,This blank column will go to the next page to go,Causing extra blank page。

  這行空白我們無法移除,如果要避免他出現在下一頁,You can squeeze it by modifying line spacing Back。

1.In the blank row below the table Right-click select "Paragraph"。

2.將「行距」選成「最小行高」,Press OK。


  如果上述步驟做完還無法將空白列擠回去,請把行距改成「固定行高」,並輸入0.7pt,Press OK to。



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  1. Albert Says |

    Thank you very much!


    Anson Reply |
  2. xx Says |


    This practice mainly to the line on page 2 minimize,Rather than eliminate,So if useless,Below the first one represents the most reserved space is too small,You can try to fine-tune the cell height、Even footer border,Can be reached。

    Anson Reply |

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