Crack Word document protection

Word contains open offer、Read-only and several kinds of protection,Which can also be part of the file encryption mechanism,Let the other party can only edit it for a specific area。If remove this protective mechanism needs,Forget the original default password,You can remove protection through a little skill。

First, you need a set of support 16-bit mode editor,紹過 MadEdit a destination via recommendation before 這邊,Next to crack。

1. Masaru word page 檔 network formation 另存,htm or mht Jieke。


2. 用MadEdit開啟此網頁檔,And search for password string。

3. Masaru<in:UnprotectPassword>Give</in:UnprotectPassword>Between the four 16-bit string is copied,As2EF4C71F。


4. Rearrange the string,2E F4 C7 1F four groups,The reverse order to 1F C7 F4 2E。

5. 用MadEdit開啟原始word檔,Select "View" - "hexadecimal mode",窗 vision fathom 啟搜 open,貼上「1FC7F42E」,And brought back "to find the hexadecimal string",Click "find the next one."。


6. 0 數填 all its characters skewer 將找 到,That is, 00 00 00 00,Press archive。

7. 檔 word 啟 open,Click on "Tools" - "Unlock the file protection",No need to enter a password and check the restrictions removed。

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