Start FileZilla appear”″錯誤

Just when you want to use FileZilla,Start out several times without screen,Filezilla execution to switch to Console,The results appear below error:

filezilla: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Try searching online "”,He can be found belonging to a file under wxgtk3 3.0.4-2,Thus the "yaourt wxgtk3" instruction ready for installation,After a number of projects appear,Select "extra / wxgtk3 3.0.4-1":


When ready to proceed,The emergence of a reminder,Inform "wxgtk3" and "wxgtk3-dev" conflict,To install "wxgtk3" must be removed "wxgtk3-dev",Agreed to proceed with installation,Upon completion you can start normal FileZilla。


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