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Foxy_LogoCurrent ubuntu on transparent wine come service Foxy 曾試 Author several years ago,Successful natural 試到 after 來雖,But because too many things installed,So do not know which is the reason Foxy smooth run,Reperfusion ubuntu,One under Tsuyoshi good 趁著 machine 會實 驗,關鍵 equation arrives at last end 於找,It is the MS XML。

1.Installed Foxy,先執行winetricks(這真是個好物!)  選擇"Select the default wineprefix"

2.選擇"Install a windows DLL or component"

3.Select "msxml3"


4.A window will pop up next,Want you to manually CNET Download,Current specified eye 錄 allowing to stand parallel 將檔 draft,如~/.cache/winetricks/msxml3,Then re-select the installation msxml3,That will continue Setup。

After installation,To perform Foxy。




In wine1.6 when installing msxml3,如果遇到「'wine msiexec /i msxml3.msi' returned status 79 "manner mistake 訊息,You can try to change the installation wine1.7,This problem can be avoided。

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  1. Debian Says |

    最近也在用Foxy,我的實現方法是VirtualBox Windows 7 Foxy,不怕洩密,只是耗費RAM(7.5Gb RAM中,固定的3Gb喂給Windows 7)

    我原本也是這樣做,但我希望自己盡量都在ubuntu平臺作業,所以我的想法是盡量ubuntu > wine > VM,VM is the case most of last resort。

    Anson Reply |

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