Execution Unity3D Web game (Uncharted Waters 5) in ubuntu

unityRecent want to demo at the Age of Discovery 5,5 is thought to come from Uncharted Waters Online transplant,The result is a continuation of stand-alone version of the game。Into the official login page after,Just recall the password to spend some time,After finally get some of the account,But found it impossible to enter the game,Began to speculate that OS Issues,Reboot it really is running from the Windows login,WEB thought should be compared on a cross-platform does not have a problem,Did not expect or encounter,Carefully looked at,The game is using the Unity3D engine,So they start from。

Official Web site to unity3D looked,Unity Web Player only supports Windows with MAC OS,Does not support the Linux platform,Internet search a bit later,Fortunately, there are organizations wrote a comprehensive suite—Light Pipe,讓Windows上的特定套件可以在Linux上運行,Like Flash、Silverlight and Unity3D, etc.,這概念有點像Wine,確實他們寫的套件也有用到Wine元件,但運作方式還是有點不同,以Unity的web game來說,使用Wine你可能需要安裝WIN版的瀏覽器來玩,但透過Pipelight你便可直接在ubuntu原生的Firefox進行遊戲,Here's an overview of installation and setup mode。


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install --install-recommends pipelight-multi  sudo pipelight-plugin --update

2.After installation,Enter the following command to start Unity3D:

sudo pipelight-plugin --enable unity3d

3.如果這時候還是無法正常執行遊戲,就需要再調整一下瀏覽器的設定,讓對方以為你是在Windows平台,Below an example to Firefox:

在網址列輸入about:config  在下面空白處按右鍵「新增」-「字串」  字串名稱輸入"general.platform.override",Value of the input & quot; Win32"

Finish the above action,Unity Web Player to perform normal。


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  1. Three Says |

    Seems to need this command to work properly
    sudo pipelight-plugin –create-mozilla-plugins

    The possible relationship between the version differences,Thanks to provide information。 🙂

    Anson Reply |

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