Sapido BR261c wireless AP Recommend

sapido  自從送老爸一台平板後,家裏無線網路的使用率大增,老爸幾乎沒日沒夜的在看影片,為了怕他視力退化加快,Last year for the one 10-inch flat-panel to give him,Just thought this was too weak wireless tablet,Dad becomes a cause in other films from watching movies。


Since the original wireless AP specification is not too bad,So try to change the way the antenna to improve,Replace the antenna from 2dB 5dB,The result was no real benefit,Finally, a new survey altogether AP to replace。


After the query some information about wireless technology,There are to be used in assessing whether directional antennas,Practical to Shopping Site Search,I did not expect to find special models Sapido this point and omni-directional antennas,Although it is impossible to determine the effectiveness of this antenna system 2 1 good or bad,But to see the integrity of the other specifications,High-power antenna comprising 9dB、802.11ac, etc.,最讓我詫異的是竟然還能走5GHz的頻道,這不該是2千元機種會出現的規格,Help the company when the previous survey,5GHz幾種往往都要4K以上,因此沒有猶豫太久,Go buy。


  老爸說,舊平板的訊號通常是2(滿格3),但看影片算順暢,新平板訊號則是1(滿格3),Often have to wait to see the video buffer;After put BR261c,新平板仍維持1~2,But you can already see the film smoother。In addition with the old flat mobile phone test with younger sister,跑來跑去,Almost all full grid。


  Sapido這牌子在台灣還不算很知名,會勇於嘗鮮的另一個原因是因為曾買過他們的一台數位機上盒(CM790x),當時是為了找一個可以收無線16台的設備,The same,他們這台又附屬了一大堆令人心動的功能,Including USB can read、Memory card,And supports many kinds of coding,Price relative to other brands simply a lot lower,Buy back,In addition to online channels outside the small disappointment,Other features let me quite satisfied,And watch HD digital radio channels 16,Pretty surprising box machine than kbro,Oh,So be on the Sapido some confidence,I hope they can continue to introduce more features into account、quality、Price good product Hello。


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