skypeColleagues in the Open Skype,跳出一個「Skype.exe – Entry Point Not Found "error window,內容為「無法找到程序輸入點NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort(在 动态 连结 程式 库 ntdll.dll)」,On the surface looks like a ntdll.dll problem,But the problem is actually out in avrt.dll。

Skype current 發生 only get seen not 這個 problem,In other applications may also occur,avrt.dll is a component of Microsoft,乎著 multi-ink non-similar network street basis 說明,Most of these elements are mentioned only "Multimedia Realtime Runtime",In principle, is not recommended to remove,However, this component will not necessarily exist on all computers,So you can try to c:\windows system32 underneath,Change the file name will avrt.dll,This problem can be avoided。



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  1. William Says |

    改檔名重開後,服務 Windows Audio就無法啟動


    Anson Reply |

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