ip spoof dropped Sonicwall appear similar traffic network segments

Once when in-house test,Sonicwall found for the same segment, but not tied to the external IP firewall,Will be considered fake IP and block off,Sometimes finding solutions,It did not go ignored。Recently a colleague reaction,A customer does not come in the mail to send,I do not have any connection to check SPAM record,While the other check log to determine our gear,Let us set up and provide IP whitelist,The IP're just looking at each other with our one yards,It reminds me of that year found problems Sonicwall,After transfer to a firewall record,She saw”ip spoof dropped”Messages。

Internet search data,Some Internet users say can be added to provide /diag.html to the URL,Enter the hidden setup screen,The”IP Spoof checking”Can be removed after,However, users reaction,Although the log does not appear after removed”ip spoof dropped”The,However, the actual flow through or not,Still others changed after,With a period of time to hang the entire firewall,Firmware go heavy brush,So I will not try。

This problem seems to think Sonicwall same segment of the IP should not even come from outside,The ISP happens often to mask / 24,IP is obviously lead to different locations,They belong to the same segment of the case,After know the reason,Will try to start from the mask。With our IP is,Range *. *. *. 55 - 60,With a mask of for,IP range *. *. *. 49 - 62,We already contains all IP,Thus the WAN side of the mask can be changed to,Please try again after the other,Will not be judged on the same segment of the IP。


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