Sound Juicer:CD will be converted to mp3

  Afternoon, would like to Joanna Wang's CD into mp3,Save changer that also the time to listen,The beginning directly to try ubuntu 8.04 built-in music CD capture program,That is, Sound Juicer。In selecting the sound quality,Default lists flac、ogg、wav和spx,Alone but not mp3,Into the "edit settings combination",But see already have a mp3 set parameters,Of waited a long time,Only to find the missing package ~ "gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse"。

ubuntu 8.04預設的Sound Juicer

After entering the "Preferences",Column in the "Output format" drop-down list of available conversion format,At this point there is no mp3

But in the "Edit Settings combination,Default relevant parameters to establish good mp3

此時我們需要到「Synaptic套件管理程式」找出「gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse」,Safety 裝 勾選 parallel

在重新啟動Sound Juicer後,Mp3 project to "Output Format" drop-down menu, you can see

Press "Capture" Start Conversion



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    Thank you ~ ~ need this information ~ ~

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  3. jackie Says |

    就跳 掉呢 按擷 take our order Inmo?
    我 用 版 ubuntu linux 10.04 LTS

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    Principal Reply:

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

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    Principal Reply:
    Did not come across this situation
    Do not try to remove and then install look

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