[training]ASP.NET MVC 5 - DML Data Manipulation Language 1

  INSERT..()    VALUE..()    INSERT SCORE (SID, COURSE, SCORE)    VALUES ('S001', '程式設計', 86)    INSERT SCORE (SID, COURSE, SCORE)    VALUES ('A003', '程式設計', 74)    由於各欄位不可為NULL,故語法可以省略為下:    INSERT SCORE    VALUE ('S002', '演算法', 77)    INSERT SCORE    VALUE ('S003', '演算法', 57)    ===============    UPDATE..    SET..=    WHERE..=    UPDATE SCORE    SET COURSE = '物件導向程式設計',        SCORE = 95    WHERE SID = 'S001'    =================    DELETE FROM..    WHERE..=    DELETE FROM SCORE    WHERE SID = 'S003'    =================    SELECT * FROM SCORE    SELECT SID AS '學號', COURSE AS '科目名稱', SCORE AS '分數" FROM SCORE  

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