[training]Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC 5 – Creating a Connection String and Working with SQL Server LocalDB

>Entity Framework(often referred to as EF):
>a .NET Framework data-access technology to define and work with model classes.
>By default, the Entity Framework looks for a connection string named the same as the object context class (MovieDBContext for this project).

>Entity Framework is default to using LocalDB.

>LocalDB is a lightweight version of the SQL Server Express Database Engine
>LocalDB runs in a special execution mode of SQL Server Express that enables you to work with databases as .mdf files.
>Typically, LocalDB database files are kept in the App_Data folder of a web project.

>SQL Server Express is not recommended for use in production web applications.
>LocalDB in particular should not be used for production with a web application because it is not designed to work with IIS. However, a LocalDB database can be easily migrated to SQL Server or SQL Azure.

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