ubuntu nvidia driver 安装 最新 版

Following on a saved X,就不 想再 安装 提供 的 ubuntu nvidia driver,后来 想想 ~ 好像 有 提供 nvidia linux driver 版 的,Will a little better miles? They Quguan network search download。

To the official website belongs to the driver in accordance with chip select,Download will be a .run file。Recovery mode is selected then reboot,再 选择 "Resume Normal boot",Required to select non-line 是 也不 Root 擇 young 這邊,Just installing Driver,Warning message appears,I suggest you do not install as root。

  進command prompt後,sudo execution just downloaded. run program,Then it has been yes..yes。

Recommended before installation,Rock "system" - "Management" - "hardware drivers",The old driver is enabled to cancel。After installation,可至「系統」-「偏好設定」-「NVIDIA X Server Settings」確認目前使用的版本


  • .run files need to give execute permission,Can be found in the Permissions tab of the property within the right-
  • Useful when updating kernel 當,May need to reinstall,Or xorg.conf settings may be an error message

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