ubuntu nvidia 安装 驱动 后 无法 开机

Last night to look at the movies,To mount ISO has been a problem,Finally had to look into Vista。After 9.10 l,Do not know is not home no Zhongguan relationship,Programs occasionally will show the Big Dipper to show the Big Dipper,Previously rose to 8.10、9.04No problem,Guess is that this 9.10 structural changes caused by,So just today and we made a bagging。

Upon completion of the afternoon Zhongguan,Equation for setting breaks 及修 裝應 start 續安 land,Open the "Visual Effects" option and install the nvidia driver,Reboot ~ white ubuntu logo appears,Screen, even no signal,Schematically several successful individual recovery ability 試了,Was resurrected,But then reopen again hanging points。

The Internet to find relevant articles,判断 应 是 xorg.conf 有 问题,Therefore, cut the file into the root account(Anyway, the system will automatically generate…)。After rebooting,X is risen indeed,Sigh of relief,Originally intended to simply Zhongguan ~~

PS. 位于 xorg.conf / etc/X11 / 底下

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  1. Bad person Says |

    Hello I have recently encountered problems with the greatly
    Just after the my xorg.conf cut the
    Normal login
    But as long as the nvidia graphics card drivers installed on
    There will be a mess of the screen
    Having no solution 辦法 是 請問?

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I do not know what you installed nvidia
    You can try to go to the official to get the latest version to try
    I have another one mentioned that installing,Refer to the reference

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