Ubuntu all the sectors are gone!

- Test a network path problem under XP 換到 cutting open the heavy Tsuyoshi Tsuyoshi,Place a long time NBA 違的 Ryoichi flight strokes order,Current 訊息 卻出 mistake when needed after the unity 遊戲 關閉 遊戲,Several seed capital scheme was 跳不 遊戲 試了,Simply press the Reset directly re-opened (Error demonstration! Uncle has practiced,The children do not learn),Re-opened after the direct access to the Ubuntu environment,But found that wallpaper but not,Arrive at non-owned generation 號了 磁碟 也找 by 緊接!

First try to re-boot once,See will suddenly appear,No results。Then go a little dog cushions,Fstab 檔 under one set,Re-boot,The results did not appear。Recall waited a long time,Inmo considered setting 呀 ubuntu open unto 沒有 heavy machine best described Maenami 之,So think of where the problem has been。

After following several 試了,Conjectured that is unable to mount the relevant sector,Fixed keyword do search,了 這篇 找到 於是 "Ubuntu 无法 挂载 NTFS 磁 区"Article,Mounting lawlessness takes 會造 formation appear normal wholesale 碟沒 hard circumscribed throughout provide 該文,Immediately makes me think of my question just XP shutdown caused the,Would be immediately re-boot into XP to do a normal shutdown action,Then re-entered the ubuntu,Sure enough, all sectors all are back!

According to the text to explain,This is because the sector is not clean (unclean) "can not be mounted,If the external hard drive to encounter such cases,Kits can be repaired through ntfsprogs。I am because the next one magnetic zone lazy repair instructions,So try re-entered the XP way,Service More results Kazen 也是,至于 外接 硬碟 能否 这么做,I am not sure,But I think we should also be able to,But not necessary,Because under the direct command will be much faster。


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