ubuntu開機自動掛載其他磁區 for UUID

   I believe that many people after installing ubuntu 8.04,Information form of non-會 磁碟 其他 automatic loading system multiplied by reach 會遇,One brother is one of them。Go google a bit,Find a lot of articles to modify the fstab,However, in actual operation,But found another problem–My device code will become!

For our three electric 顆硬 碟 腦共,Do not know why,Sometimes reboot,Drive machine number three (SDA、bathroom ..) 會變,The majority of articles are joined to modify fstab / dev/sda1…The way,This has resulted in there when I reboot may appear linked to the wrong directory of case。

The original device code
After reboot


On the official forum to ask questions,Enthusiastic users can try to mount a UUID,Tested,Really solve my problem,Only I still do not know why the device code becomes wants

1.First of all have to find out the UUID of each sector,Open end machine import 啟終ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid

★ Figure is the UUID of each sector of blue and green text

2.输入 sudo gedit / etc / fstab,EDIT fstab preparation

3.Mounted with the average in different places is the local input / dev / sdx to replace the UUID

4.Before reboot,Remember to use the mkdir command first built the directory under / media /

5.After reboot,You can see all the volumes automatically mount


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