Correction ubuntu 11.04 firefox 顯示Flash異常

ubuntu 升 上 11:04 后,firefox display the flash does not escape again the question of,Akira shows lawlessness non-Chinese Shi 這回,But sometimes white box of a,And when the good times and bad,Sometimes you can refresh the screen。Wanted left unattended,But encountered a few times,很不 舒服 obtained governor remembered,In particular, look at the more important picture(If the NBA playoffs live than the number of ~)。

This problem seems to occur only in the 64-bit platform,To resolve this issue,僅需至Adobe Labs下載Previews版本,Re-link it to。

1.ToAdobe Labs下載Download plug-in for 64-bit Linux

2.After unpacking,The libflashplayer.socopy to / var / lib / flashplugin-installer /。
執行「sudo cp /var/lib/flashplugin-installer/」

3.Re-establish link,Get firefox destination recorded 關閉


cd / etc / alternatives
sudo ln -snf /var/lib/flashplugin-installer/ mozilla-flashplugin
sudo ln -snf /var/lib/flashplugin-installer/ firefox-flashplugin

4.Completion,Open network - Test page


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  1. peter Says |

    step 2 it said:

    Would you please tell me how to change the permission, thank you!
    (Please answer in Chinese!)

    If you are using the mouse to copy there will be a permissions issue。
    If you are under instruction,Instruction in front of you forgot to add sudo?

    Anson Reply |

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