In ubuntu 12.10 nvidia driver update

 nvidiaIn ubuntu update the display card driver is often a troublesome thing,To switch the command mode before the next update,After finally has a graphical interface to make their point that can be completed,But things are often not so smooth,After this ubuntu update to 12.10,In the part of the display driver update has been out of state。


Use the built-in "additional drivers" updated,Erroneous open machine not Shi 黑屏 就是 Akira 示錯 single,Last capital only function heavy 灌再 heavy irrigation,In the end they gave updated driver。But after a period of time at 12.10,Mapping errors sometimes occur rupturing or the screen,So he had to once again face the nvidia driver update issues。


這次 luck Ki Fusaku,Search foreign article first mentions points,In ubuntu 12.10 when updating the nvidia driver,First, we first have to linux-headers-generic update to the latest,Again after the installation is,Never re-opened immediately,Be sure to re-generate xorg.conf re-open again。The following is a practical step:


Enforcement machine after termination,Switch to the root,

sudo su


Install linux-headers-generic package

apt-get update  apt-get install linux-headers-generic


If the already installed,請確 認已 update solstice latest printed books

apt-get dist-upgrade


After rebooting



Switch again as root

sudo su


Start safety 裝 nvidia 驅動 equation

apt-get install nvidia-current-updates


Be sure to run this command after installation







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