UNetbootin to make ubuntu boot flash drive - to save the CD on environmental protection

ubuntu fixed every six months to launch the new version,General can upgrade directly to the updated,But sometimes based on stability considerations,Shinan 裝的 progression method 碟重 會以 light,Then it will need to download and burn iso file to install CD。Several times over,Zhang light 碟 a year 每半 耗費 就得 start 這樣 reach consciousness,Although the CD does not cost much,But if you can avoid the unnecessary waste of resources, of course better,Later it changed to replication piece to program。


Two days before the wandering of the ubuntu forum,A useful tool to see friends on the—UNetbootin,Easily through the UNetbootin various Linux distributions built into flash drive,Even the action can be downloaded through it together complete。


To the official website to download UNetbootin,Please rights in the program will "allow file as program execution" tick。


  如果要透過UNetbootin下載,Please choose the right Linux distribution。



Next, it will automatically help you download and together with the boot configuration(Bootloader)Do random into the dish。


If you have a good job image,Please select "image file"。


The next action will be written to the flash drive。


Waste of time making weight a long time,And other programs to finish to complete a dish installed ubuntu。


After this flash drive boot, you can see the Bootloader boot menu




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