Apache Updates、MariaDB、PHP

Because the company's Web site before being implanted malware relationship,Build a new website platform,And abandon such quickly build appserv but only for development environment kit,Changes toManually build Apache、MariaDB and PHP,After renewed every six months and with the frequency of maintenance to do,Benpian Apache is the record update、Step MariaDB and PHP program of three。





  • 下載 64bit msi 檔
  • 停止 mysql 服務執行 .msi 檔更新即可


  • 下載壓縮檔(x64 Thread Safe, 有一說Non Thread Safe是給IIS用的)。
  • 解壓縮複製目錄到想要的位置
  • 修改php.ini-production為php.ini用WinMerge比對舊版php.ini
  • 如果php目錄名稱與原本名稱不同開啟Apache的httpd.conf修改下面內容
  #指定php.ini存放的資料夾位置。  PHPIniDir "D:\Web\php-7.1.5"    #載入php的模組。  LoadModule php7_module "D:\Web\php-7.1.5\php7apache2_4.dll"  
  • 可新增一index.php檔放D:\Web\Apache24\htdocs內容如下
  <?php  phpinfo();  ?>  
  • 以瀏覽器開啟index.php確認可看到php資訊


  • 下載壓縮檔解壓縮複製到Apache24\htdocs
  • The config.sample.inc.php changed its name to config.inc.php,WinMerge comparison with previous version config.inc.php


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