VirtualBox 出现 Verr_Vm_Driver_Not_Installed


  Called yesterday to open the VirtualBox operating system,给 我 出现 了 这么 一个 "Verr_Vm_Driver_Not_Installed" 的 错误 讯息,Nursing 也沒 Shisai between one o'clock 趕時,Directly re-boot into VISTA to accomplish the things I do。Just give him open to look at,Original simply follow the instructions above,This problem can be solved easily powder。

首先 关闭 VirtualBox,Then open a terminal input"sudo / etc / init.d / vboxdrv setup",Waiting for him to finish。

Yes update an ubuntu core factor for the current 此 乎是 similar problem 會出,So long as the re-do the above setup operation can be solved。


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