VirtualBox 分享 资料 夹


  VirtualBox可將本機端的目錄與虛擬端的系統做共用,"Sharing folder" feature,In order to reach the native—Virtual client files shared purpose,If the virtual end of the XP system,The following are several ways you can access the shared directory。

Way a

Open "My Network Places",Click on the left "View workgroup computers",Then point above the "upper",Is back on the floor,Not Previous Oh!

And then point to an "upper",會出現"Microsoft Windows Network"以及"VirtualBox Shared Folders"兩個網路

點進"VirtualBox Shared Folders"即可看見分享目錄

The second way

Open "My Computer","Tools" - "Map Network Drive",In the folder press the "Browse",依序點入"整個網路"-"VirtualBox Shared Folders"-"你的分享目錄",Press OK

Road network 磁碟 Tameichi 錄設 eye Toru 將分,To facilitate the next access

If you click on "View workgroup computers" "Can not access workgroup…….」,Turn on the built-in XP firewall exceptions list "File and Printer Sharing" to。


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  1. lights Says |

    Will the VirtualBox must use a virtual hard disk file?

  2. lights Says |

    Sorry did not say clearly,Probably mean。Is not to simulate hard disk files through the way,The main hope as much as possible and native disk IO speed。

  3. csg Says |

    請問 large large, Why not find where you said after I installed virtualbox
    "-"VirtualBox Shared Folders"-
    An individual document crawling 夾?? Only one other
    Microsoft Windows Network
    I again mounted or set there??Xie Xie

  4. csg Says |

    Ah…Solve the…Loaded up on ok, Xie Xie 幫忙 democratic plate

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Is not very good"GuestOS 直接 装 在 实体 磁 区内"The meaning of
    Refers to the file directory structure of the GuestOS are spread in a sector,You can, as a glance like a native OS?

  6. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I know that does not seem to,In fact it seems there is no need
    Current system rack 構上 磁碟 檔案 而讓 quite limited anti-這樣(NTFS、ext, etc.)
    至于 这么做 是 不是 就会 让 速度 快 一点
    目前 我 的 是 HOST ubuntu,是 GuestOS XP
    I feel XP boot speed seems to come faster than directly mounted to be it ~~(Not measured)

  7. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    把VirtualBox Guest Additions裝起來看看,In the "device" - "Install Guest Additions"

  8. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

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