Jie 徑 erected a VirtualBox Machine for

Under normal circumstances,使用 程序 不外乎 就是 执行 VirtualBox VirtualBox,接着 启动 Machine,However, if troublesome,Or special needs need to start the Guest VM,VirtualBox有提供一方便的功能,Right-click directly into the specified VM,You can create a shortcut on the desktop,To start the VM just coming shortcut can be directly executed。


  除此之外,如果要手動建立捷徑,抑或是建立批次檔以指令方式啟動時,Refer to the following way:

1.以ubuntu環境為例,如果用右鍵建立捷徑,當捷徑的位置變更,下次開機即會失效,When To manually create shortcuts:




「指令」輸入「/usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox –startvm "VM名稱"






2.在Windows環境底下,If you want to start automatically VM Host boot:

新增一批次檔,指令輸入「C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe startvm "VM名稱"


The last batch file thrown into this & quot; start & quot; which can be。

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