Windows 8 Right menu is very slow desktop

ms-windowsWhen the processing of a NB,Noting the desktop by right,Menu will only appear at Dayton,If you move the cursor,Kaka's situation is even more obvious。Internet looking for some articles,There are a lot of people react,The main reason is the display settings in Intel's。

There are two ways to solve,Intel manner provided for modifying machine code,The main is to remove the following machine code:


After removing the heavy boot can be。


Another tool to use ShellExView,Looking for Type as "Context Menu" items,The right-click Disable related articles,To reboot。As to any thing off,Varies,I, for one,我是關掉「TheDesktopContextMenu Class」,Someone on the Internet is off, "AppShellPage Class",So to end your right to see what appeared to decide the project。


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