Objects on the Windows desktop,Whether it is a shortcut、Folder or file, etc.,Under circumstances set deposit,The name of the background should be transparent,However, in some cases,Bottom color of the background color 桌布 變成 致 將導,Instead of transparent color。

General, if this situation occurs,You can check two places:

First in the "My Computer" Right Choice "content",Select the Advanced tab,Click on the field performance of the "Settings"。Found under the "Visual Effects" label "use the drop-down shadow of icon labels on the desktop.",Make sure that this project has checked。


If you check the,沒 是 return problem solving,On the desktop, right-click select "Properties",Switch to the "Desktop" tab,Click "Customize Desktop",Then click "Web" tab。This way, please confirm the "page" inside the project must not be checked,If so check,It can be canceled,If the other below the "Lock desktop items" have also canceled check。

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