windows installer error 1635

  公司某台電腦要執行office時出現windows installer error的錯誤訊息,To remove the same error message,更新windows installer後也沒法解決,Waited a long time to surf the Internet,Finally find a solution。

1.Edit a registered 錄 enforcement,Locate the following path

2.Products under the subdirectory there will be a number of English numbers,Click on each individual,Nursing parallel machine right 邊的 碼,See which directory is a subdirectory of the program belongs。In my case,I can see in the office machine code words in the first subdirectory。

3.刪除 direct eye 錄 child 將該,Do not worry if you can do first backup

4.Installation office。The need to remove the program,Because you are in the new Remove Programs can not find it

Episode ~
Post office at 裝 來安,To appear not find the message,Internet looking for is just to say that hidden files,Open the settings you can see。I mount the flash drive is a network drive to another host installation,I've been using this flash drive loaded through dozens,This message had never been,And I am equally sure the CD-ROM did not this file,But Hyun same network drive mounted disc gone out of this message,What a strange…


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  1. 892 Says |

    Company computers you get
    I when it would stop mischief ah??

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    ㄜ…Two days per month、Sixteen remember to follow worship..

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