windows installer error 1933

嗯 ~ 连续 两篇 都是 windows installer error,I do not know why old recently encountered this problem。The problem is occurring in the installation photoimpact,About to install is complete error,Then to cancel the installation of。

View error logs,Provide reach back surface "…Windows Installer service can not update certain to be write-protected Windows files。 SFP Error: 3。Write-file list:\r\nc:\windows c twunk_16.exe:\windows twunk_32.exe ",Internet crawl text,了 rumored disappearance 檔 這兩 individual system 發現,Really strange。

Solution is also very simple.,To other computers c:\windows\底下的twunk_16.exe跟twunk_32.exe copy過來,Warning system 訊息 out 會跳 這時,Inform system files change,You put in the XP CD,Put the CD to let him read,Then reinstall photoimpact to complete the installation。

Also there may be a permissions problem,Please make sure your account is part of the administrators group。


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