Windows shared cause access

Windows file or printer sharing feature,Encountered very often will not have access to XXX,You might not have permission to use this network resource。Access Denied。Like the error message,Many solution,Many articles in the past, turn off simple file sharing, or open a guest account to solve,A while back but encountered how useless set of circumstances。

The solution to this is by modifying the "Group Policy",在 执行 gpedit 后,Expand the following path in sequence:

"Computer Configuration" - "Windows Settings" - "Security Settings - Local Policies - User Rights Assignment",On the right to find the "Deny access to this computer from the network",预设 会有 "Guest" 帐户,After removal move 將其,Access to normal。(Guest account remember to enable)


've Never come across this situation,But recent are resolved through this,Very special,For this method are applicable XP or Windows 7。

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