Unable to start the Windows Update service,0x8007277a error

The company has a Taiwan NB,Impression in some places a bit strange,Windows had been done to restore,There are a temporary solution to the problem,When this time in testing Windows Update,Discovery Service can not start,Concert appearance”0x8007277a”Wrong,The ESET anti-virus program is also extremely verification。

After searching online articles,There are users that are found abroad winsock problem,As long as the command to reset,Quite surprised by this conclusion,Since the early winsock problems have come across in 98,The XP era has almost never meet again,Did not expect to meet again Oh ~。

解決方式:With”Administrator.”Enforcement”Command Prompt”,Enter the following command:

netsh winsock reset

Executing the restart the Windows Update service to run normally,The original question ESET after two minutes can also be normal verification authorization。


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