Word typing rising memory

wordA while back, encountered a wonderful situation,Enter a specific string in the form of word,An infinite 在 檢查 檢查 及文 law 拼字 formation 會造,Leading to memory usage continues to rise。

This problem occurs in both XP and 2003,The updated version is not yet tried,Intuitive idea is to close the spelling and grammar checking to avoid this problem out,But after closing,word just did not show off inspection results,In fact, "Grammar Status" icon below or constantly check。


Therefore a better solution,One is to change the text content,Another in the Add Remove Programs,In the office to check the "select application of advanced custom,Then find the "Office Shared Features" under "Proofing Tools",Set it can not be used to。


PS Remove proofing tools,Ability to use office-series 換功 體轉 Hankan 將無 law,Please use discretion。



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