Show articles each article in the WordPress-YARPP

To display "Related Articles" at the bottom of the WordPress article,Including new syntax directly in the php file or install plugin。My personal habits are not moving php can not move as much as possible,維護 after an expedient for 是,Will try to seek the way of the plug to the demand,But this to introduce plug-ins to add articlesYet Another Related Posts Plugin」。


  透過WordPress的外掛搜尋,Related plugin,If our ability to Kou Shi 需求 較符 這支 cause for 會使,And his scoring mechanism for the idea of ​​quite commendable。After installing the YARPP,Background page will prompt the need to move to the plugin directory under the yarpp-templates directory you are currently using the theme directory,yarpp-templates底下共有六個php檔,Subject boiled 佈景 reach six under each 檔移 將此,如 twentyten,End move back again to refresh the page prompt message will disappear。


The YARPP can set the project a lot of,However, each project is not difficult to understand,Therefore no further explanation,After finishing the settings,You can see a list of related topics below each article。



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