Yahoo Site Explorer Authentication Error

Currently, the major search engines Jieyou Blog Login pipe,Yahoo 其中 的 部份 提供 了 一 的 服务 Site Explorer,Not only so that you can login,你參 consider supply statistical data providing unit 份搜 fathom eventually return,Is a pretty good service。


Retaining a network magazine manned 你是 confirmation for completion,Site Explorer 有 一 验证 的 机制,The main way of two:First, you must be in the Home header(head)Add a line in the specified title information;The other rule is to upload a specified html file to the root directory,Site Explorer for doing verification。But somehow,驗證 pass nil law 而言 對我 這兩 method,Are two ways to verify that the results are displayedError: internal server error (http 500)」,Yes Seki subject 佈景 乎跟 similar cause 發生,好在 Site Explorer 还有 特别 提醒,If the above two methods are invalid,You can try the third method。


  首先用記事本新增一指定檔名的空白html(如y_key_022a8assc067be8f.html),內容部份只需輸入指定的值(如022a8assc067be8f),完全不需輸入任何html語法,Finally, upload the file to the root directory of the site can。


  用此方法終於讓我通過驗證,If you have experience authentication problems people give it a try。




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